• ADPC1936 Ac Adapter For PHILIPS 220C4LSB/93 226V4TFB/93 LCD Monitor

This AC Adapter Compatible Adapter Numbers( Models ):


Fit Machine Model: ( For the right ac adapter, Please offer your machine model if it is not list here. )

ACER: ES1-571,
AOC: I2781FH/79,
BENQ: 247E6QDAD/75, GW2406-T,
PHILIPS: 277E6Q, 276E9Q, 271E9, 271E9/11, 247E6L, 22746L, 241E, 247E6Q, 243V7QDAW/11, 246E9QJAB, 276E9QJA, 221E9, 276E9QJAB, 247E6QDSD/27, 227E6L, 227E6L MONITOR, 226V6QSB6/00, 247ESQ, 276E7Q, MONITOR 248E9QHSB, GW2406Z, 227E LHA, 227E6LDSD/05, 276E8VJSB, 227E6LDSD MONITOR, 234E5QHSB/11, 234E5EDSB,

PHILIPS LCD MONITOR: 220C4LSB/93, , 226V4TFB/93, 226V4TFB, 220C4LSB, 236V4, 247E6QSD.

The adapter may be used on the following models ( Customer offered ):

226, 227E6LDSD/05, 246e9q, 227e6l, 227E6L Monitor, 248E9QS, 227e6ldsd, 276E, 276E, 276E, GW2406-T, 242e2fa, GW2406-T, GW2406-T, ADPC1936, 276E9Q, 227e6l, 276E9QJAB, 227E6L, 276E9Q, 227E6L, GW2406-T, 276e8vjsb, GW2406Z, 227E6L, 227e6l, 227E6L, 227E6L, 227E6L, 22746L, 22746L, 227E LHA, 227E6L, 247E6L, 227E6l, Benq GW2406-T, BENQ GW2406-T, Dell, GW2406-T, 227e6l, 227e6l, 227e6l, 227e6l, 227E6L, 227E6L, 227E6LDSD/05, 227E6LDSD/05, GW2406-T, GW2406-T, 227E Lha, GW2406Z, GW2406-T, 248E9QHSB, Gw2406-t, Gw2406-t, Gw2406-t, ADPC1936, ADPC1936, 276e7q, 276e7q, ADPC1936, ADPC1936, 227E6L, 247ESQ, 247E6, I2781FH/79, Gw2406-t, Phillips Monitor, 226V6QSB6/00, 226V6QSB6/00, 247e, 227E6l, 247E6QDAD/75, 247e6q

AC Adapter
Input 100-240V~1.3A 50-60Hz
Output Voltage 19V
Output Current 2A
Max Power 38W
Adapter Weight 185g
Adapter Size 114.70 X 49.91 X 31.91mm
Tip Size 5.5 x 2.5mm

ADPC1936 Ac Adapter For PHILIPS 220C4LSB/93 226V4TFB/93 LCD Monitor

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